2018 Year in Review

Before we start the New Year (already!), let’s take a moment to look back at the best of 2018.

It was a year of new projects and new deployments, lots of “Go Live” and lots of inspiring meetings with customers. No wonder 2018 has passed by so quickly. The start of 2019 marks Novagile’s anniversary. It’s been four years since we set out this adventure and in that time our ambition and our vision have remained constant; we want to be the preferred supplier of next generation CRM software.

We continue to realise value, we continue to move with agility and to bring simplicity to the marketplace. Our users like our product and for decision makers, it’s never been clearer how Novagile can help them realise their digital transformation.

Our team is bigger and more committed, product design continues to evolve and our footprint continues to expand internationally. In other words, the conditions for a strong 2019 couldn’t be better.

Here’s the best of Novagile 2018.

The product

Novagile Tracker

Retailers and e-etailers will love it. B2B and B2B2C brands will have to have it.

Novagile Tracker gives customers a real-time view of their request. Be it an order for delivery, a complaint or any other issue that requires a resolution, users can watch a live timeline – sent via email or SMS – from initial engagement to validation and closure.

A simple tool yet crucial for delivering self-care solutions, greater transparency and of course customer peace of mind.

Novagile BackOffice for end-to-end monitoring

If an order goes astray or the product is defective, a customer advisor can now place the order again with a single click. Thanks to the Novagile platform, the agent has a direct link with and overview of warehouse, inventory and logistics meaning he or she can check stock availability and choose the best method of delivery based on the customer’s location all from the same interface.

As well as making reordering instantaneous, the service boosts customer ease. The agent doesn’t have to ask the customer to reorder the product or to provide information a second time. What’s more, because the system gives the agent a historical 360° view of the customer including all past purchases, he or she can make a good will gesture that the customer will definitely appreciate.

Because our modules are designed by operations for operations, it should come as no surprise that our latest innovation also reduces the agent’s effort, making it easier for a contact center operative to resolve calls and deliver a differentiated CX.


The year 2018 was marked by six new European projects in the automotive, energy and telecom sectors. “We end the year with a threefold increase in sales, well beyond our initial objectives,” commented Nicolas Raffin, CEO of Novagile. “We are fortunate to be supported by Sitel Group, which allows us to respond to very different projects: from 10 to more than 1000 positions.”

To strengthen the sales department, three new rising stars have joined newly appointed EMEA Managing Director, Ana Athayde, to manage the sales activity and provide even better support to customers:

  • Marc Bory, Account Manager & Pre-Sales
  • Anthony Belleguic, Business Development Manager
  • Raoul Roy, Marketing Manager

Coming from varied backgrounds but with a strong knowledge of Customer Relationship Management and software publishing in the cloud, Marc, Anthony and Raoul will undoubtedly play a key role in the development of Novagile in Europe.


In 2018, Novagile participated in five major events: Customer Strategies, organized by Weyou group in April; European Customer Day, organized by Sitel Group in June; Novagile Day, organized by Novagile for French customers in September; Expo Relacion Cliente in Madrid (the Spanish equivalent of Customer Strategies); and finally the CRM Meetings in Cannes in November also organized by the Weyou group.

In addition to these events in France and Spain, in 2019, we will also be participating in international events organized by Sitel Group in Miami and London. The agenda will be published in January.

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